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The 2nd Tee Shop is owned by god fearing people like yourself the only difference is that we have a voice just like you do the only difference is we choose to have our voice heard, because we are;

Pro- Life

    not necessarily in that order, but you must understand that I'm a soft spoken man so the designs I create is simply me shouting out loud at anyone with an objective mind and the desire to gain new incite.

    After being introduced to the online marketing world due to a disability, my entrepreneurial sprint was awakened and I thought about creating my own eCommerce site.
    The 2nd Tee Shop – came about after I noticed a rise in gun violence both by the protector & protected near the end of the 2016 election. Fortunately none of the criminal acts were committed by legal firearms owners or legitimate second supporters. None the less gun control activists’ want to make more gun control laws that only affect the legal law abiding gun owners.

    Laws that do nothing in stopping or helping with gun violence by career criminals.

    Being a true 3%er a true believer in the constitution & knowing that the democratic front runner has vowed to pretty much ban guns and if given her way she will eliminate the Second Amendment of The United States.

    That’s was the begining or the start of The 2nd Tee Shop

    I combined my passions, the right to bear arms as well as having the ability to share my passion online with people who are unaware or want to show their support for the second amendment the 2nd tees shop became my voice.

    At The 2nd Tee Shop I design patriotic apparels for men & women who pro-life and pro-gun ownership which just so happen to be the right of every American citizen in good standing and that right should be protected.

    So in my attempt for brand awareness (“the second amendment”) I came up with the idea of a second amendment t-shirt store which turned into The 2nd Tee Shop after about a half dozen name changes.
    All products of The 2nd Tee Shop is made in the United States from cotton or a cotton blend stop by like & share when after you take a look at what’s new @The2ndteeshop.


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