Starting a Second Amendment T-Shirt Business

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Starting a Second Amendment T-Shirt Business

Recently I was asked why so you want to start a t shirt business much-less a
second amendment t-shirt business. I want to say I had a choice.

But I really didn't the 2nd Tee Shop came about at time where I was feeling low and felt direction less. Over the years as a network marketer picked up some skills due to the fact that I was a do it yourselfer. I knew how to make my own website and manipulate images, and I learned that if you're gonna start a business make sure it's something you have a passion for. So you can never stop talking or writing about it. 

Why do you want to start a business based on the second amendment?
I answered whey not?

There are a lot of other topics I could have chosen but with the election year coming to an end I saw a lot and could reflect on a lot. I see two candidates running for presidential election who are poor specimens for the office in comparison. The other is the number of politicians who are willing to use Americans dying to further their popularity on the
platform of gun control, hence one of my very first designs use to launch the 2nd tee shop...

At the time I just wanted to design a shirt that would say what I was feeling, "as a black the2ndteeshop gun control fingerman then as a black gun owner, I was afraid. After the lives of several black man were taken but instead of address that facts they scream for stronger gun control totally ignoring the main issues.

There are a lot of law abiding citizens who don't know their rights and because most of us carry concealed, most will never know about the ability to carry concealed unless they are exposed to it some way, some how. Sorry to say that when a crime occurs a lot of time can or will pass from time a criminal act starts until law enforcement gets to you, that's when they'll find victims or survivors.

In some cases owning a gun can prevent a crime before it happens because your awareness has changed, and you might not go places or do some of the things you use to do because you will not be a victim.

don't leave your concealed carry at homeI'm not in the position to teach a large of people how to shoot I am however in the position to design one off second amendment tee shirts made of quality cotton very soft and comfortable made in the USA, and they say something.  

You can learn more about the second amendment my last blog post should be a good starting place & I would like to have your comments but please keep it on the positive, But for now what do you say we go shopping now!