Game of Thrones Design Infringement

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Game of Thrones Design Infringement

Yeah, I infringed on HBO's the Game of Thrones...

Have you ever put your heart into learning something that takes hours just getting it to the point where you're actually happy with it?

Well I did!

First of all I by no means consider myself a designer graphic or otherwise but when life take a turn for worst you can turn with it and ride it out or go off the beaten path and forge your own path. It will slow you down but it's up to you to find a way to reach your goal which is what I have been doing so far.

So, I learned how to use Photoshop and I'm still learning, I came to realize that the more I learned the more passionate I become about graphic designing. Passionate about designing something that show my creativity as well what I've learned so far. So when I found out that several of my designs can't be printed due to policy violation, meaning all my orders will go unfulfilled for these particular designs. 

What happen you ask?

Well, It was made clear to me that even if I just wrote the name of this show and put it on a shirt and then use a font like the ghostbusters font they wouldn't be able to print my products because of possible policy violation, due to possible copyright infringements and unless HBO was willing to give me the licence to reproduce their graphic  and take some of their money which ain't gonna happen those designs are dead. 

copyright notification email

Apparently my designs were too similar to the images that may or may not have appeared on this television show and my print shop doesn't want to involve themselves in a legal battle with HBO.

Which is understandable, because financially it would be like an elected official accusing a civilian of committing a crime and having the full force of the law and money to eventually make you feel like there just isn't a hole deep enough for you to crawl into.

Did I create or recreate my designs to infringe or step on anyone's toes, NO!

Game of Thrones t-shirts @the2ndteeshop

I like the game of thrones so much that in a six months period I binge watched all six seasons in five days, three times. So when the new season started or was about to start I thought I could use it to get some traffic to my t-shirt store and hopefully make some more sales.

It was a kick in the teeth to find out that I would 't be able to use a lot of the designs I created for my game of throne collection with that said.
It's unfortunate that today I had to pull all my Game of Thrones graphic designs but due to the American constitution and the bill of rights I can put any text on a shirt I want so I still have a t-shirt collection to offer.

This was a learning experience because as a brand we are still growing and this was a simple bump in the road. Plus I can always make more designs that don't violate anyone's policies. 

 Will Be Available In Men & Women Style S-XL

jon snow bastard of winterfell

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