Back The Blue Distressed T-Shirt Design

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Back The Blue Distressed T-Shirt Design

Back The Blue T-Shirt, Why?

How I came about the idea of this designing. Well, first of all and this goes without saying but you know I had to say it. So, as a law abiding second amendment supporter I believe and support the work that the men and women in blue do on a daily basis. I wanted to create my version of "Back the Blue" T-shirts, designed to show my support for law enforcement officers and deputies keeping our communities safe.

But not only that I wanted to show you my audience that I don’t or at least I have as of yet paid for any designs you see on here at @The2ndTeeShop even though it would be a lot easier to just outsource this task.

The thing is I actually enjoy learning and creating my t-shirt designs.

To be quite frank I got the idea for this design because I saw another designer create something similar and I was so fascinated with the look of the design and even though at the time I had no clue how to recreate it...

It took me a few weeks of just doing Photoshop tutorials before one day I did one of those long “IS THIS EVER GONNA END?" training and by the end of the training it finally clicked not only could I now see the design in my head and how to achieve the look I wanted but I started looking for the textures to help enhance and speedup the design process.

So I started with the US Flag.

Then I pretty much just wanted the bottom section of the flag to look like it’s been through hell and back as well as the blue area where the stars representing the 50 states sit...yeah very distressed.

I laid down a couple of textures to add the distressed look then blended the texture into the flag. Which you will be able to see in the video bellow.


But, for the sake of this video I decided to cut it a little bit short or I should say speed it up a bit because I'm at best a novice designer and I'm still a little slow bridging thought to visual application so unless you’re a designer who wants to learn how to design shirts you don’t want to know all the details, but I've been wrong on occasion.

If I’m wrong leave a comment a let me know.

After adding several layers of textures to help with the grunge or vintage look that can be placed on the front or back of any t-shirt, hoodies or even a tank top.

Back The Blue is not no-longer a concept I have in my head now I can see it even better I can add that design to a mock-up t-shirt to show how this limited edition design will look when it’s printed to one of our soft 100% cotton t-shirts.


Click the image below to show your support for our men & women in blue.

Happy Shopping!

Chris Bramwell